Vero The Swineherd

Vero Pig Farm

Vero Swineheard in action

Vero Swineheard taking care of piglets

Vero Swineheard feeding piglets

Michelle Veronique Bialous

Vero the Swineherd, she’s a natural talent, born 2016
She already takes care of our sows, piglets,
dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and turkeys at Vero Pig Farm…

The name Vero Pig Farm

My nickname is VERO so my mom named the pig farm after me. I love to be at VPF lot’s of work but I enjoy it…
I’m born in Cebu, but I prefer to be at the countryside, the only thing I miss is Playground and Burger King 🙂

Is Vero the youngest farmer?

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Healthy Piglets from Vero Pig Farm

Purok Sampaguita, Sitio, Totong
Brgy. Talacagay
Negros Occidental