Lechon Baboy

Lechon in Totong from Vero Pig Farm

Lechon is a famous pork dish that begins with a suckling pig that is roasted over charcoal.
Once the lechon is ready to eat, the skin is scored and usually served with a portion of the meat, although it’s best to eat the skin separately. The tastiest parts of lechon are arguably the ribs and the belly, where fat is plentiful and the flavor more concentrated

Lechon Party at Vero Pig Farm

After several hours hard work, it’s time for the reward!
Everybody did enjoy our delicious Lechon, so now they asking for more…

How do I order Lechon from Vero Pig Farm?

You need to order Lechon at least three days before!
Call Us: 0999 409 0917  / mail us or visit us in Hinoba-An, Totong


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