New pigpen 4 piglets

Four new pigpen for piglets

New construction on Vero Pig Farm!
We extend for more piglets and to keep them safe from the elements.
All pig pens should provide room to move.
Regardless of where you keep your pigs, you need to allow space for separate, distinct areas for feeding, bedding and defecating. Pigs will instinctively eliminate their waste away from where they sleep. Be sure to position their bedding accordingly to keep the wet and dry areas of the pen separate from each other so your pigs can rest in a clean, dry space.
Placing feeders and waterers in separate areas will encourage pigs to exercise. Pigs don’t need to run to release energy like many breeds of horses or dogs do. But they do need to move around to encourage muscle tone and bone development.
If pens are too small, the dominant pig in the group could assert control over the feeder.

Farrowing pen

MJ inspect our new farrwoing pen.
The farrowing pen is the most important pen on any pig farm. In addition to reducing the risk of trampling and overlying. The farrowing pen significantly reduces pig mortality.

Sow Farrowing Pen For Sale

Excellent quality, corrosion resistant, not easy to rust. Special equipment for sows and piglets. Contact Vero Pig Farm

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