Vero Pig Farm happy piglets

Happy Piglets on Vero Pig Farm

Healthy food and water, clean and fresh environment, and a fantastic Pig Master, as Mikael makes happy piglet!

Mikael, part owner and the Pig Master

Mikael is dedicated to his work, therefor all the pigs love him, that why we have healthy and happy pigs!
The performance of the growing pig is the ultimate indicator, and that’s Mikael, he have the right feeling for them!
When you visit Vero Pig Farm, you’ll understand 🙂

Watch video for happy and smiling piglets

Good Social Behavior = Cheerful Piglets

We don’t use synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms or products. Animal welfare, stipulates that living conditions must consider the natural needs of the animals for free movement, social behavior, food, water, shade and sunlight.

We are happy to help and advise if you have any questions or inquiries.
We assure you that you will get healthy pigs!

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