Newborn piglets at Vero Pig Farm

32 Newborn Piglets at Vero Pig Farm

A fantastic week at Vero Pig Farm, we got 32 healthy, playful and vigorous newborn piglets.
Happy sows: Madame Bella (9), Madame Channel (2), Madame Gucci (10) and Madame Hipo (11) all together 24 females and 8 males.
Happy farm owners, MJ and Mikael give Madame Hipo, love, care and attention.

Piglets need to stay with their mother

Piglets, just like all the other babies in the world, need to be near their mother in the first few weeks of their life because they need protection and nutrition. Piglets should not be weaned earlier because these can lead to health problems.
Weaning them at a much earlier time without a mother’s milk increases the risk because they still a weak immune system and their digestive system has yet to develop to adapt to food other than their mother’s milk.

MJ and her piglet

MJ in love…

A baby pig

A baby pig is called a “piglet.”.
The collective noun is a “litter” or “farrow” of piglets, and a piglet that has been weaned is called a “shote” or “shoat“.

6 up to 8 weeks.

Piglets stay with their mothers from 6 up to 8 weeks.
After that, they’re slowly weaned away from their mothers. Piglets must not be taken away from mothers before this time because the mortality rate is high. Piglets should also be given time to adjust to the new setup before they’re forced to eat and drink new and solid food.

Male or female?

Determine if your specimen is male or female by looking closely at the umbilical cord area. If the pig is male, it will have a small urogenital opening immediately behind the umbilical cord. If the pig is female, the urogenital opening will be just behind the anus under the pig’s tail.

Madame Hipo with newborn piglets
Madame Hipo, happy mother
Madame Gucci and MJ
Madame Gucci, happy mother
Madame Bella and Mikael
Madame Bella, happy mother

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