Mikael Tour Guide on VPF

Mikael Your Tour Guide on Vero Pig Farm

Mikael the Pig Master is also known as Mikael the Pig Whisperer

Welcome to Vero Pig Farm

Virtual Reality, wherever in the world you are, Mikael will guide you on the farm. Watch the five videos, you’ll feel like you are on VPF. We have changed domain name from www.piglet.com.ph to www.VeroPigFarm.com

Part 1 - Welcome to VPF

Part 2 - Sows for breeding

Part 3 - Septic Tank

Part 4 - Our Sows

Part 5 - New Extension

We have pigs and piglets ready for pickup!

You can order or preorder piglets weight below 50 kg (110 lbs) or above 50 kg

  1. Buy pigs liveweight, the cost for the meat itself.
  2. Slaughtered pigs cost for butchering, cutting, wrapping, smoking, etc.
  3. Buy Lechon You need to order Lechon at least three days before!
Call Vero Pig Farm # 0916 318 7714

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