swine sector is growing

Swine sector is set to grow

The Philippines is undeniably one of the more interesting countries in Asia. With over a 100 million souls and a rapidly developing economy, there is a constant demand for pig meat and pork.
What are the opportunities for the Philippines?
The swine industry of the Philippines is one where jobs and economic opportunity seem guaranteed for the next decade for those who want to commit to a career or investment in modern pig production and processing. Demand is growing, in line with population and income (and tourism), and meat consumption is expected to grow in parallel. And, on the supply side, there is a deficit in pork and pig meat for the processing industry at the moment. The industry is a ‘hot zone’ for an expanding and growing supply chain from farm to fork (genetics, AI, feed, animal health, and equipment) and for foreign suppliers and importers/processors of pork.

Second largest economic activity

The swine sector is the second largest economic activity in the Philippines agricultural sector. Domestic pig production has been rising in both backyard and modern commercial farms. In 2016 (July 1), the total hog inventory in the Philippines was reported to be almost 12.5 million head – an increase of 1.4% compared with 2015.

Backyard farms accounted for 64% of these animals and commercial farms made up 36% of the total hog population. Approximately 35% of the total breeding herd (1.68 million sows or 560,000 head) were on commercial farms (July 1 census 2016).

The Philippines’ Association of Meat Processors (Pampi) has around 50 company-members and claims that they account for more than P300 billion in revenues (US$ 6 billion) and provide jobs to more than 300,000 Filipinos.

Two bosses Vero and MJ
Two bosses Vero and MJ

Big challenges
In conclusion, the Philippines is, classically, facing some big challenges if it wants to supply itself with more pig meat but it’s also clear that this is a country where opportunities beckon – and where the local industry has ambitions.

Sourse: ​Dr John Strak, pigprogress

Healthy piglets at Vero Pig Farm

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