Look a new pighouse

New Pighouse on Vero Pig Farm

Healthy pigs!
Pigs need a dry bed, and protection from extreme temperature and sunburn. Minimum requirements apply for space, fresh air, hygiene, access to feed and water, and accommodation. These should not predispose the pigs to illness or injury.
Good conditions
Clean, dry conditions reduce germ populations and their effect on the health and performance of pigs. Pig sheds that have effluent channels, where manure is submerged in water within the channels, can reduce dust, odour and airborne bacteria levels.

We care about our pigs!

Feeding and watering facilities
Each pig requires adequate access to feed. Poor access to feed produces uneven growth and condition, impairs feed conversion efficiency and increases the proportion of downgraded pigs.

Piglets at Vero Pig Farm

  • We guarantee you, healthy and happy piglets
  • Our pigs have nice and clean pig houses
  • VPF is surrounded by amazing nature and fresh air
  • We feed our sows and piglets with the best nutritional food.
  • We supply our pigs with clean and healthy water from our deep well
  • Vaccination and medication for all our sows and piglets.
  • CCTV, GSD guards, we keep track of what is happening at the farm 24/7

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