Mikaella with newborn piglets

ONE hour old newborn piglets

Have you ever seen ONE hour old newborn piglets?
Can they move, are they silent, can they find their mothers nipples?
Watch Madame Mikaella, the cool mother pig, with her nine newborn piglets, you’ll be surprised…
Remember, the piglets are only one (1) hours old.
Who is Madame Mikaella?

How do newborn piglets feed?

Period 2-3 days of life
First, liquid milk should be offered until pigs are about 10 days of age.
The most important nutritional and health concern during the first few days after birth is for piglets to consume enough colostrum.
A high intake of this most important first milk is crucial not only for its higher fat (energy) content, but especially for its high level of immunoglobulins. The latter are absorbed intact through the gastrointestinal epithelium enhancing thus the immune system of the newborn piglet.

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