Vero mini boss

32 Newborn Piglets, in March, at Vero Pig Farm

It all happened in one week, guess if we had a busy time..?
We had to take care of all the 32 piglets and the three sows.
Luckily Vero the mini-boss was there to help us!
Watch our video, see for yourself how cute our piglets are…

Grandma pig supervise 32 piglets

MJ act as a grandma and Mikael give her som good advice.
Vero the mini boss, always with a smile, talking to the older piglets

We have pigs and piglets ready for pickup!

You can order or preorder piglets weight below 50 kg (110 lbs) or above 50 kg

  1. Buy pigs liveweight, the cost for the meat itself.
  2. Slaughtered pigs cost for butchering, cutting, wrapping, smoking, etc.
  3. Buy Lechon You need to order Lechon at least three days before!
Call Vero Pig Farm # 0916 318 7714

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