Mikael Madame Karla and piglets

Madame Karla with her 12 newborn piglets

Mikael, the Pig Master give Madame Karla Love, Care, and Attention!
Madame Karla is a fantastic pig mother. She’s a 100% Large White with a great temper.
Take a look  in the background and try to count the piglets 🙂

Good pig mothers – can they be identified?

The question is: Can we identify the good mothers?
Or can we identify the bad mothers and then address them or pay extra attention to them before they crush their piglets.
Mikael is Vero Pig Farm’s Pig Whisper
YES, he can identify good or “bad” pig mother!

Vero Pig Farm & Breeding Sows

Mikaels advice: The successful pig farmer always uses good breeding animals.
The piglets that are produced must grow fast and produce quality carcasses with a high percentage of meat and a small quantity of fat. Therefore, when you buy breeding animals, make sure that the pigs come from a farm known to have pigs of good quality and where the management and standard of hygiene are excellent.

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