Madame Gucci piglets all over

Eleven newborn wild piglets

Yesterday Madame Gucci gave birth to eleven (11) big, wild and healthy piglets.

Madame Gucci's piglets

Look how big her piglets are and they are only one day old, and she got eleven of them…
They will stay with her for at least a month.
Wonder how they will looks like in a month or two…
Maybe time to call Guinness World Records and introduce Madame Gucci 🙂
Se information about Madame Gucci!

Newborn piglets are very vulnerable

Newborn piglets are poorly equipped to keep warm immediately after birth and as the energy reserves to produce body heat (glycogen stored in the liver) are limited, the combination of factors below means that piglets often become chilled.
Reasons for piglet chilling include:

  • Small size means they lose heat fast
  • Lack of brown fat (no internal heat source)
  • Little surface fat and no hair (no insulation)
  • Born wet with birth fluids (further chilling)

Piglets are also born with no immunity and can only get this from colostrum soon after birth.
A minimum of 100 ml of colostrum per kilogram of birthweight within the first 16 hours is crucial to provide the energy, nutrients and antibodies needed for survival.
Mikael, Vero Pig Farms Pig Master always take care of his “children” and they love him…
That’s why we can offer healthy piglets.

We have pigs and piglets ready for pickup!

You can order or preorder piglets weight below 50 kg (110 lbs) or above 50 kg

  1. Buy pigs liveweight, the cost for the meat itself.
  2. Slaughtered pigs cost for butchering, cutting, wrapping, smoking, etc.
  3. Buy Lechon You need to order Lechon at least three days before!

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