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About VPF's Sows

We have our own breeding sows on the farm.
The key role of the breeding sow is to produce piglets. We don’t use synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms or products. Animal welfare stipulates that living conditions must consider the natural needs of the animals for free movement, social behavior, food, water, shade, and sunlight.

Breeding Pattern

Selecting the proper time to breed replacement gilts is an important part of reproductive management.
A few precocious females may begin estrous cycles and show estrous signs by five months, but most do not reach sexual maturity until around seven months of age.
Vero Pig Farma Sows, specification of Pig Breeds!

Must need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Sow a mother pig, who has already given birth to at least one set of piglets.


Gilt, a girl pig who has not had piglets yet.


Farrowing, giving birth to a litter of pigs.

Farrowing stall, individual housing where a sow (mother pig) gives birth. It allows space for the sow while also preventing her from unknowingly laying on her piglets.


Farrow to wean, a farm specializing in the breeding, gestation (pregnancy) and farrowing (birthing) of sows.


Weaning, the process of removing the piglets from the sow and moving them to the nursery.

Farrow to finish, a farm that contains all growing phases, from breeding to gestation to farrowing to nursery to finishing (growing) to market.

Gestation, the period when a sow is pregnant from breeding until farrowing, easily remembered as 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days.


Individual Gestation stalls, individual housing for sows to keep them protected during the beginning of their pregnancy


Nursery, the growing phase from weaning until they enter the finishing phase.

Finisher pig, growing phase between the nursery stage and market.

Finishing, the time it takes feeder pigs to reach a market weight of 108 kg to 118 kg (240 to 260 lbs.), typically taking between 14 – 16 weeks.

Biosecurity, strict isolation, and sanitation programs practiced throughout farms to prevent the spread of disease between herds.


Gestation length of the pig is 114 days, so average farrowing will occur 114 days after breeding. An easy way to remember this is “3 months (90 days), 3 weeks (21 days), 3 days” (90 + 21 + 3 = 114).


Boar is a uncastrated male pig.


Hog, is a castrated male pig


Boars are not normally sexually mature until at least 7 months of age and should not be used before this.


Castration, the surgical removal of the two testicles, is a routine management practice for male pigs destined for slaughter. The testicles produce sperm and the male hormone, testosterone.


The words pig, hog and swine are all generic terms without regard to gender, size or breed. A male pig is called a boar. A female pig is called a gilt if she hasn’t had piglets yet and a sow if she has.


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